SEASON-1The singer Travis Greene sings a song called,”Intentional.” The lyrics are, “All things are working for my good “Cause He’s intentional Never failing I know that all things are working for my good He’s intentional Never failing.”

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Growing up The Fabulous Six (my siblings and I) always knew that our parents would be together until the end of time. I shared that I went through a life changing event as an adult. Now I am sharing, it was the divorce of my parents. Some might say, “people divorce everyday” then others might say, “I know your pain.” For those of you that have never experienced true family love with the support of both parents together, then you would consider this as a nothing blog. But those who have experienced the Love from a real life All American Dream Family (not made up in Hollywood), you will understand. I will not go into details surrounding the divorce but I will share, it took me on a rocky journey.  I was not able to sleep, eat, think, function etc… my parents divorce had me so discombobulated, I lost 65 lbs. The stress truly took a toll on me, thank God for a praying husband.

I open this post thinking about everything that I have experienced, especially in my marriage. Many people that know me they say I am just like my mama, and to some degree it is true (only the good characteristics).  Mama did a lot of not so good things within their marriage, which caused the divorce. I said that to say this, I believe my suffering was intentional. It was intentional because when my marriage was on the rocks, I wanted a divorce. But I thought about everything I went through in my parents divorce and I did not want my child to experience that. Furthermore, there is a season for everything and within that season, God made me realize my husband did not change, I did.

“The Secret to Intentional Purposeful Living,” I found to be very interesting and helpful to my blog was posted by Marc and Ann. They share with the readers, that today they only interact with people that God has placed in their circle. They also share that their past was shallow and even at the peak of fun events, they found themselves lonely. So the writers went on to say, “I’ve changed a lot since then.  I’d like to share with you the intentional changes I made in my life in order to live each day purposeful.” The Secret To Intentional, Purposeful Living


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